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Last modified: November'19

Best Paper at Graphics in Cultural Heritage 2019 (GCH19 – Sarajevo)
Paper "Web-based Multi-layered Exploration of Annotated Image-based Shape and Material Models"

PhD thesis selected for Thesis Fast-forward session at SIGGRAPH 2019

PhD thesis Cum Laude distinction
Unanimous decision by an international committee for “Scalable Exploration ofMassive 3D Models” PhD dissertation (2018)

Best Papers selection at ACM Interactive 3D Graphics and Games (i3D, Seattle - USA) (2016)
Paper "SSVDAGs: Symmetry-aware Sparse Voxel DAGs"

Professional Association of Computer Science of Galicia's Best Thesis Award (2013) [link] [news] [news] [interview] [video]

Bull's Academic Excellence Award (2013)
Master on High Performance Computing 2011/12 (UDC - USC - CESGA) [link]

AMD's Best Master Thesis Award (2013)
"Point Cloud Manager. A multiresolution system for managing masive point cloud datasets."
Master on High Performance Computing 2011/12 (UDC - USC - CESGA) [link]

CG Architect Awards 2011 (2011)
"Spatial, volumetric and sectional analysis of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela" by VideaLab
In the category of "Best Real-Time Presentation" [link] [video]

CG Architect Award 2011

Maestro Mateo Awads (Axencia Audiovisual Galega) 2009 nominee (2010)
"Coruña máis preto", technology developed by VideaLab to Ilux Visual Technologies
In the category of "Best Interactive Application" [link]

Game Developer magazine's 2008 FRONT LINE AWARDS nominee (2008)
In the category of "books" for "Game Programming Gems 7"
edited by Scott Jacobs, containing an article from us. [link]

Best Conference Paper Award at SIGRADI2006, Chile (2006)
"El Museo Vacío. Uso de una Instalación Transitable de Realidad Virtual para la Experimentación Espacial de una Unidad Habitacional en un Asentamiento Prerromano"
Luis A. Hernández, Juan D. Blanco, José A. Iglesias. Javier Taibo, Antonio Seoane, Alberto Jaspe, Rocío López

First Prize at 1st Business Ideas Contest, by University of La Coruña (2003)
"MediaBox: multimedia services integration"
Alberto Jaspe, Javier Taibo, Antonio Seoane, Rubén López

First Prize at Real Time Battle Contest, by School of Computer Science - University of La Coruña (2002)
"Rogynt" IA robot