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Last modified: August'13

Compiling material... Soon pictures or videos of everything (I hope!).

Own Experiments

  • WiFiArt: art software to create "beutyful" picture from war-driving (I mean, georefenced scanned data by car from the electromagnetic waves surrounding us called "WiFi").
  • Stellarium Landscape: a landscape 360º panorama of the main square of my town, La Coruña, for using with excellent astronomical software Stellarium.
  • Horizon Mapping Generator: pregeneration and realtime visualizator of terrain applying the horizon mapping technique for shading in GPU with a time-of-the-day clock. It simulates dawns and dusks.
  • IRIS: my render framework. I hope it to have its own page :)
  • Wii Tracking: my own implementation of Johnny Lee experiment, about camera tracking using a wiimote.
  • Mouse for handicapped people: a tool that IMEDIR lab people asked me, that consists in a MS Windows mouse controlled by a wiimote in a hat, that let them pointer movement, click and double click just with the head.
  • HDR and HDRI: I have made tens of tests with this beauty technique. From my own implementation in GPU for OpenGL textures to handle that, to different photography experiments. I love it!
  • New2Old: artistic experiment of matching old and new photos of the same place. Just a one night paranoia.
  • AstroGigaphotos: some tries of made Gigaphotography of the night sky, without good results :(
  • ARGOS: this is a system Ideveloped inside VideaLab that uses the incredibly precisse engine of a telescope for automate the capture of gigaphotos. You can configure the angles you want to take and it calculates the FOV, segmentates the solid angle of the surrounding semisphere and make the pictures with a Canon digital camera, moving it with the servos.
  • GeoPanos: another own project developed inside VideaLab, that made exactly what Google's Street View do. With a Point of Gray Ladybug camera on the top of my car and a GPS, it captured a video and positions stream, and after that, it was automaticaly processed and generated an interface with a map, where you can see panoramic pictures of everywhere you clicked.
    I swear this project was finished EXACTLY one week before Google released Street View, that means I was late, but the idea was good :)
  • CasaGen2: this is an updated version of CasaGen, original idea and implementation by Ruben López. It's an automatic tool to generate 3D buildings over a terrain from cadastre data.
  • Motorcycle Test Simulator: when I made this test to get the license for driving motocycles, I made a little 3D simulator (no phisics, no shading, no anything... :) just for memorize the correct route in the circuit.
  • B-Spline generator for 3D camera paths: for smooth trajectories of 3D camera I made and experiment using this interesting kind of splines.
  • Realtime ambient oclussion with the fixed pipeline.
  • ...


  • OpenSceneGraph: this is a broadly used 3D scene graph library. I am (or maybe was) an active member of the community, and contributed with some patches to its code. Also Rubén López and me managed for a long time the Debian packages repository.
  • osgAL:  OpenSceneGraph Audio Library, by VRLab (University of Umea, Sweden).
  • RTB3D: by Rubén López, and 3D interface for the only-one programmed robots battles software Real Time Battle.
  • ...