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Last modified: September'12

Stellarium Landscape of La Coruña (Maria Pita Square)

This is a little contribution to the great Stellarium astronomic free software (

It's a panoramic picture of the mayor square of my town, La Coruña, at the northwest of Spain, that can be used as a landscape inside Stellarium, so you can watch the stars from this beauty location. Hope you like it!

Alberto' Monitoring (amon)

Alberto' Monitoring is a tool for Linux servers to monitorize diferent stats, such as CPU and memory usage, temperatues, file system status, etc. and show them in a web interface. 

It's a set of scripts made in Bash and Perl logging some kernel status, and uses gnuplot for draw graphics. Last (and probably definitive) version is 0.6, dated in Agst'2003.

You can download it here 

Linux User and Administrator Guide (110 pax, spanish)

This is a basic Linux guide (in spanish language) I wrote in 2002 as documentation for some courses I colaborated. It's original name is "Linux: Conceptos Básicos, Administración y Servicios".

It tries to explain with very ordinary words the basis concepts of UNIX systems as an introduction to novel users. Maybe useful for someone!

You can download it here