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Last modified: November'19

Hello! My name is Alberto Jaspe Villanueva, and I do research and software development mainly related with Computer Graphics.

My expertise areas include the development of visualization engines, real-time rendering systems, ray-tracing, massive data, point clouds, material acquisition, virtual reality, terrain rendering and GIS, etc. I have also designed and developed interactive installations for museums and exhibitions.

Currently I am an Expert Researcher in in Visual Computing Group at CRS4 (Sardinia, Italy). In the past I obtained my PhD in Computer Science with a Marie Curie fellowship in the DIVA european project, worked in the Computer Graphics group VideaLab and in the Adaptative Systems group RNASA-Lab, at the Univerisity of La Coruña (Spain). I was also for some time in the industry, as the R&D Head at CEGA.

Here is my site, just for leaving academic and professional info, as well as some stuff I keep doing, hopping to be useful or interesting to someone.

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Last videos

M.A.RL.I.E is a web software that allows real-time exploration of multiple-layered, image-based objects. They can have a geometric description and be dynamically relighted using an analytical material-light interaction model called Ward. Moreover, it supports multiresolution annotations, lens metaphor for inspection, BRDF picking, geometry enhancement, achromatic rendering, etc. Check here for more details.

Realtime raytracing of a 1M^3 voxelated Power Plant mesh model compressed and encoded with a Symmetry-aware Sparse Voxel. 1.5 Trillion of non-empty voxels encded in a 3Gb file (~60 voxels per bit!).