Immersive omnidirectional imaging for the development of Doha Design District at MSheireb Downtown in Doha

by Shaikha Al Sulaiti, Jens Schneider, and Marco Agus

For a variety of immersive applications, 360-degree image captures, be it purely visual or mixed, is becoming a standard in acquisition, allowing for fast, efficient, and cost-effective capture from a limited number of static poses. At the same time panoramic coverage naturally leads to the implementation of immersive and engaging solutions. In this industrial use case, we present the preliminary outcomes of a collaboration between MSheireb Properties and Hamad Bin Khalifa University for advancing the state of research to envision novel automatic solutions geared towards the generation of Spherical Digital Twins for supporting and speeding up the design, planning and management processes related to construction development, real-estate management and presentation, advertising and showcasing for design and development initiatives.

This is a demonstration of stereocopic 360 images acquired for MSheireb Doha Design Distric. You need a WebXR-enabled browser and any VR device.