Practical Survival Guide for new Visual Computing Researchers

Under construction! Last modification: 08/03/2023

This small guide aims to be a quick-start introduction to common terms, procedures for a computer science researcher. Some aspect will be generic, and other will be more oriented to the field of Visual Computing, specifically to Computer Graphics and Visualization.

Finding a research topic

That is your advisor’s responsability :) Appart of that, there are some places for inspiration:

About venues

Talking about main conferences and journals, their orientation, deadlines calendar. References:

Surfing the literature

Writing papers

Reviewing papers

Presenting a paper in a conference

Taking care of yourself

Measuring research impact

We like to measure the impact of our research, not only because us humans are competitive, but also for understanding better the value of our work and planning future efforts.

Journal impact

The impact factor of a journal try to measure its importance on its field, normally by taking into account number of citations of its articles, number of articles published along the year, etc. The most important are:

  • Journal Citation Report (JCR): Blah
  • Scopus: Blah
  • Eigenfactor: Blah

Conference impact

Quartiles and blah

Researcher impact

Measuring the impact of your research is not an easy task, and many factors should be taking into account, such as the research field, the current career step, etc. But there are probably three main measures:

  • Number of citations: Sum of the citations of all your publications
  • h-index: number h of publications with h citations
  • i10-index: number of publications with at least 10 citations

Tips for tracking your impact