The Creativity Space: An Immersive VR Framework for 3D Creation

Luis Hernández, Javier Taibo, Alberto Jaspe-Villanueva, Rocío Mihura-Lopez, David Blanco, Rubén López, and Antonio Seoane

Japan-Korea CAD/CAM Workshop 2005

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 title={The Creativity Space: An Immersive VR Framework for 3D Creation},
 author={Luis Hern{\'a}ndez and Javier Taibo and Alberto Jaspe-Villanueva and Roc{\'i}o Mihura
 and David Blanco and Rub{\'e}n L{\'o}pez and Antonio Seoane},
 booktitle={Proc. Digital Engineering Workshop, 5th Japan-Korea CAD/CAM Workshop},


During the last years, several computational tools arose allowing the users to fly interactively over realistic simulations of the terrain using DTM, aerial pictures and satellite data. One of them, the Advanced Interactive Terrain Navigation System (SANTI) was developed by the authors. This system stood out because of its submetric resolution, real-time refresh rate over 60 fps and performance non-dependent of the size of the database to be displayed. After this experience, the authors opened a new line of research that integrates this dynamic visualization system with GIS. This article presents an open architecture that easily integrates any GIS with SANTI, taking advantage of the potentiality of both technologies. This way, it is possible to visualize geospatial features while flying over the realistic model of the land for a better understanding and analysis of the data. It is also possible to query the GIS database from the visualization interface, interactively selecting features within the 3D view of the terrain. We describe an application using this software architecture for regional planning and resource management.