Hardware-independent clipmapping

Antonio Seoane, Javier Taibo, Luiz Hernández, Ruben López, and Alberto Jaspe-Villanueva

International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics (WSCG)

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 title={Hardware-independent clipmapping},
 author={Antonio Seoane and Javier Taibo and Luiz Hern{\'a}ndez and Ruben L{\'o}pez and Alberto Jaspe-Villanueva},
 booktitle={Proc. International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics (WSCG)},
 abstract={}, year={2007},
 organization={Vaclav Skala-UNION Agency}


We present a technique for efficient management of large textures and its real-time application to geometric models. Theproposed technique is inspired by theclipmap idea, that caches in video memory a subset of the texture mipmap pyramid.Based on this concept, we define some structures and a different management allowing its implementation on a personalcomputer without specific graphics hardware. Finally, we present the results of the application in a terrain visualization system,using several simultaneous textures with a detail up to 0.25 meters per texel, covering a 60,000 km2area.